Top Thriller Movies on Netflix

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The Okja on IMDB

A young girl is risking her life to stop an international corporation from capturing her friend, the giant creature from Okja.

You can see full movie for free here: Watch The Okja Online



Memento on IMDB

Leonard, looking for his wife's murderer, loses his memory as a result of the accident. She is constantly making notes and photos, and the more important facts tattoo her body.

You can see film online for free here: Watch Memento Online



Zodiac on IMDB

San Francisco is terrorized by the serial killer Zodiac. A group of reporters decides to discover the identity of the villain.

You can see it online for free here: Watch Zodiac Online



Hannibal on IMDB

Dr. Hannibal Lecter returns to America to renew contact with Starling. His footsteps are followed by the mutilated and mercurial vengeance of Mason Verger.

You can see full movie online for free here: Watch Hannibal Online


The Debt

The Debt on IMDB

An agent of the Mossad, having learned that the dead Nazi crusader is still alive, heads to Eastern Europe to find out the truth.

You can watch full movie online for free here: Watch The Debt Online


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